Emotional Cartography

Emotional Cartography is a collection of essays from artists, designers, psychogeographers, cultural researchers, futurologists and neuroscientists, brought together by Christian Nold, to explore the political, social and cultural implications of visualising intimate biometric data and emotional experiences using technology.

Emotional Cartography – Technologies of the Self

Edited by Christian Nold, 2009


This is a free pdf of research, great. Know its back in 2009, but wanted to archive at this blog.



Sure he said he was busy with his PhD, but looked at his site for this post and saw he said this:

I want to study for a PhD about the historical visualisation of the “crowd”. My previous research on this subject has included theoretical texts like the book Mobile Vulgus and the essay Legible Mob published in Making Things Publicby MIT edited by Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel. On the practice side my Community EditCrowd Compiler and Bio Mapping



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