Urbanized Typeface


Beautiful font by Takahiro YAMAGUCHI.

Urbanized Typeface consists of the font named “Shibuya08-09” and Audio Visual installation which is archiving the process of making. The method of making the font is quite physical.

There are many fonts named as the city name inside machintosh manily and also any other PCs. This is the reason for many cases that why it named as the city name is just quite image of characters shape or the place where the person lives who made the font.
So there is no reality or necessity.
Then I made the font which has a great reality. Which each alphabets shape are made according to the figure of the city Shibuya, Tokyo. First, I was running around Shibuya’s street with a GPS reciever by bicycle. The running course is the shape of each fonts character.

Love the capturing of depth with the altitude, making letterforms raise from being flat like Byrom TSS by andrew byrom, he does some great type too.



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