The application encourages user movements / act and turn them into a / personal / own performance.


Thankfully its for android too and is free.

This appears to be a great app exploring how we interactive with ours phones, and geography while we nonchalantly gaze at its screen floating through a place.

“mobile app/study new poses /app gesture self /portrait stick figure you /**** new mobile ape /script mobile while waiting/” —JODI At this event, renowned Dutch collective JODI will premiere a new mobile application, outfitted for iPhone and Android, that is invested in “Motion/ Figure/ Posture Actions.” The application records users’ quotidian movements and turns them into choreography—one that captures our awkward, mundane, frustrated, addicted interactions with our ubiquitous devices. This focus on dynamics of control, as well as the psychology and behavior produced by technology, is at the core of JODI’s work. For this presentation, the collective will present and discuss the work, while hired performers will enact its choreography.


I love it, looking at ‘awkward, mundane, frustrated’ and these interpreted in some into choreography… yummy!

See a video: http://zyx-app.com/perf.html

Link to the app: http://zyx-app.com/

Reminds me of this that I read in the White Chapel Gallery book on Chance, think it was reading article by George Bataille inthere, research by Freud, the Psychopathology of the Everyday… these little things like slips of the mind, little doodles, all has meaning in some way.

Further more, it made me think of how it could solve this:

how geographical thought can approach ambiguity as a framework through which to describe the experience of place and landscape


I thought you know the choreographies generated by this app will in some way hint at the Psychopathologies of Everyday that Freud was looking at, and are ambiguous experiences of place, or aspects of persons interaction with place.

Anyhow… it stirred thoughts.


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