Augmented Nav: Escape the Map

It is intriguing because I imagine that a projection on the road with the street view would help with sat nav’s as opposed to trying to glance to your right to see a sat nav. You could just stare at the street. Would be cool, Augmented Space in helpful action. Of course google has been testing augmented spaces out with their Google Glass.

digital impression made by chris watson

But from a mapping point of view I was interested as it mixes the hyper real through the vernacular of google maps with reality. Now from my experiences I had learnt that hyper real was associated with the postmodern and specifically baudrillard ‘the map preceeds the territory’. Jean Baudrillard argues that a simulacrum is not a copy of the real, but becomes truth in its own right: the hyperreal.

Having looked at a recent paper by Sébastien Caquard, Cartography I: Mapping narrative cartography. See here:

Sebastien points out an interesting view of the story map, this is the fictional representation, the story map as Sébastien Caquard puts it;

‘map is more interesting than the territory because it is an idealized simplification of a complex – and often depressing – reality. This resonates with the idea that in the postmodern world most of the time the hyper-real appears joyful beside the deterioration of the environment to which it refers (Westphal, 2007).’

See now this idea of the postmodern hyerreality being joyful is what I remember with Baudrillard and simulacra’s, but I wasn’t aware of the map is more interesting than the territory a point illustrated by the latest novel by Michel Houllebecq entitled La Carte et le Territoire (The Map and the Territory) (2010).

I’m not sure how we’re supposed to weigh between Baudrillard or Houllebecq, but like how Sebastien says they follow with this idea of the joyful presentations of reality. Many of the these joyful selections that have been crowd sourced by google maps.

‘Paraphrasing Houellebecq, in other words, ‘Google Maps are more interesting than the territory’.’

This leaves me very intrigued that the story maps that Google are providing are more interesting than reality, much in the respect that this Escape the Map ad by Mercedes Benz particularly realises well.

See this: Cartography & Narratives

Meanwhile, read more about the different perspectives on the map and the territory here


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