Metro Cable Corporate Identity

The Monocle wrote “Turning travel into pleasure rather than a chore is what innovations and upgrades do.” The ever changing aspect of the journeys people will have in this new transporting system is defined by the weather they are travelling in.

Like the idea that a logo could represent temperature as it reacts to different data sets.

19_kim_albrecht_design_ci_ 6_colour

Also, as part of her data tracking project

I stopped tracking for now. But after I realized how valuable it is to have this data, I became slightly addicted to the tracker. When I went somewhere new and the batteries ran out I had the feeling that something is missing. I won’t know that I did this in ten years time. I never thought that a digital tool can become such an emotional device.
But it does.

I started taking new routes, visiting new places getting out of my routine. The data shows how little I have seen and how much there is. It made me aware of the daily routine that I live in. Having this reflection of my life influenced me to explore more.

I tried to reduce our lives to the most basic questions that I could ask without loosing important informations. In the end I came up with this four elements:

Place, Space/Environment Were are you?

Activity What are you doing?

People Who are you doing it with?

Personal How are you feeling while you are doing it?


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