A Dash of Audi

Dashboard gauges are so 20th century. The dash of the future is a flat, high-resolution, and fully customizable. And that’s what the next Audi TT will have when it lands in showrooms later this year.

At CES Audi showed off a full-sized mockup of the TT’s new interior, and the crown jewel is a 12.3-inch LCD screen behind the steering wheel that can toggle between a traditional tachometer and speedometer and a massive map with infotainment and navigation displays flanked by small virtual gauges.


Yeah, sorry for the title. A slightly different approach than the last post with maps in cars, a mini touch display to supplement your speedometer etc. Digital info is finding its way into everywhere, any surface, any place that an owner or user would keep protected, safe from theft or vandalism.

Saw it here: http://www.wired.com/autopia/2014/01/audi-tt-dash/?cid=co16743324


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