About’s… and whereabouts… even roundabouts (uk)….

this blog is for all things geo

Write so many abouts, so here’s a list of what you find here and I will get round to synthesising it into a more coherent manner soon.

It’s about >

psychogeography, cartography, geolocative media, Photographic/Visual Narratives & Visual Language, gamification, behavioural psychology, digital literacy’s, geo-criticism, participation, cognitive psychology, “maps can smell like soggy dogs”, Perception, Environment, Interaction, Stories, narratives, literature, narr’ation, understanding, seeing things differently, “we all like plants growing out of the side of buildings”, presenting things differently, geosensitivities, communication theory, graphic representation, data art/technologies, App Development and New Technologies….

Gives you an idea

I will post here probably more than here http://shift-space.co.uk/blog & you can see my work here: http://inkplay.shift-space.co.uk/


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